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Important idioms and phrases for competitive exams : दोस्तों आज हम आपको बतायेगे idioms & Phrases ke 100 words जो कई बार प्रतियोगी परीक्षाओ में पूछे गये है और आगे भी पूछे जा सकते है, SSC CGL, CHSL, Bank PO, IBPS, SBI PO and Clerk में 2 से 3 idioms & phrases पूछे जाने की सम्भावना है। 

Idioms and Phrases for SSC-CGL, BANK-PO, SBI-PO, CDS exam

Eagle eyed  (तेज नजर वाला )….  With keen eyesight
Eat humble pie (शर्मिंदगी झेलना ) …  To apologize
Eat one’s words (शब्द वापस लेना )…. Take a statement back
Elbow room (काम करने की स्वतंत्रता ) …. Sufficient scope to move or function
Donkey’s years  (काफी समय बाद )…  a long time
Draw a line (मर्यादा तय करना )… set a limit
Duck in a thunder  (ब्यर्थ में )…  in a painful condition
Die in harness  (अपने कार्यावधि के दौरान ही मृतु होना )… die while in service
Die a dog’s death  (लज्जाजनक मौत मरना  )…. To die a shameful death
Democle’s sword  (सर पार मडराता खतरा )… constant threat
Dead letter … a law or ordinance that is no longer enforced.
Dark horse (जो अप्रतासित रूप से जित जाय ) …. One who wins unexpectedly
Dance to one’s tune (हुक्म का पालन करना )… obeying one’s order
Cut no ice (कोई असर नहीं डालना ) …. To fail to make an impression.
Cut both ways …. Argue in favor of both sides.
Cut a sorry figure  (अपने प्रयास से तनिक भी प्रभाव न छोड़ना )… to give a poor show.
Cry over spilled milk  (व्यर्थ पछताना )…. Regret in vain for what cannot be undone.
Cry for moon  (किसी असंभव वास्तु की कामना करना )…. To desire the unattainable
Cross swords (लड़ना )…. To quarrel or fight.
Crocodile tears (दिखावटी आशु )…. A false display of grief.
Cock-and-bull story …. Lacking courage/ cowardly
Chew the cud (मनन करना )…. To ponder over/ meditate
Cat’s paw  …. A person used by another as a dupe or tool.
Catch tartar (बड़ी परेशानी ) …. To grapple with an unexpectedly
Cat and dog life (कलहपूर्ण जीवन ) …. Troublesome life.
Castles in the air (हवाई किला बनाना )…. Daydream
Cast pearls before swine …. A right thing in the wrong hand.
Achilles’ heels (कमजोर पक्ष ) …. A small but fatal weakness.
Add fuel to fire (आग में घी डालना)  …. To make a matter worse.
An armchair job …. Good income job with high comfort.
An axe to grind (स्वार्थ से भरा उदेश्य )…. Something done for selfish reasons.
An iron will …. Strong will power.
an olive branch (शांति निवेदन ) …. Peace request
apple of discord  (झगड़े का कारण )…. Matter of dispute.
Apple of one’s eye (दुलारा ) …. Very lovable
Apple pie order  (बिलकुल ठीक हालत में )…. In good condition.
At a loss (निणर्य न लेपना )…. To be unable to decide.
At a pinch (समस्या में होना )…. In trouble.
At arm’s length …. Avoid becoming too friendly.
At ease (चिंता रहित )…. Free from pain and anxiety.
At one’s finger’s ends (पूर्ण जानकारी होना ) …. To have complete knowledge.
At one’s wit’s end  (चकित )…. Puzzled
At sixes and sevens (अस्त व्यस्त ) …. In disorder.
At stake (दाव पर )…. At-risk and is secured.
At the eleventh hour (अंतिम समय में ) …. At the last moment.
Back stairs gossip …. Talk among servants
Bad blood …. Enmity
Bag and baggage …. With all belongings.
Be in the driving seat (सारी जिम्मेदारी का भार उठाना ) …. Bearing all responsibilities
Bear the brunt of  (परिणाम भुगतना )…. To bear the main part of something unpleasant.
Beat about the bush …. To talk in a roundabout manner
Beat black and blue …. Beating mercilessly.
Beat hollow …. To defeat thoroughly and convincingly.
Beck and call (आज्ञा में रहना ) …. Ready to obey order instantly.
Bed of roses (आनन्द से भरपूर ) …. Pleasant situation of comfort.
Bed of thorns …. A situation of extreme difficulty.
Beggar description …. A person with no resource.
Bell the cat (जोखिम उठाना )…. Taking first step at personal risk.
Between the devil and the deep sea …. Between two difficult situations.
Big gun (ऊँची पहुच वाला व्यक्क्ति )…. An influential person.
Bird of passage  …. One who comes occasionally
Bird’s eye view (सरसरी निगाह ) …. Overview.
Birds of a feather (एक ही प्रवित्ति के लोग ) …. People with the same idea.
Bite the dust (पराजित होना )…. To be defeated.
Blind date …. A meeting between a girl and a boy
Blow one’s own trumpet …. To praise oneself.
Blue blood (शाही ब्यक्क्ति)…. Royal
Blue book …. Government report.
Body and soul  (पुर्णतः )…. Entirely.
Bold from the blue …. Unexpected problem.
Bone of contention  (झगड़े की जड )…. The subject of dispute.
Boon/blessing in disguise…. Hidden blessing.
Bosom friends  (जिगरी दोस्त )…. Fast friend.
Break the ice (चुप्पी तोडना )…. To start a conversation
Breathe one’s last  (मर जाना )…. To pass away/to die.
Cat and dog life  (कलहपूर्ण जीवन )…. Troublesome life.
End in smoke (कोई परिणाम न निकलना )…. Come to nothing.
Fabian policy …. Deliberate slow policy
Fair and square (निष्पक्ष )…. In an honest way.
Fair sex…. Women.
Gala day (आनन्द का दिन )…. Celebration day.
Getaway with (बच निकलना )…. To escape.
Get down to (काम गम्भीरता से करना )…. To attend to work seriously.
Get into a soup (झंझट में पड़ना )..get into trouble.
Get into hot water (समस्या में फसना )…. Get into trouble.
Fish out of water …. कष्टप्रद अवशता में
Fool’s paradise- झूठी उम्मीद में खुश होना
Forty winks (झपकी )…. A nap
From hand to mouth …सिर्फ गुजरा भर
Gibble-gabble (मूर्खतापूर्ण वार्तालाप )… foolish talk
Gift of the gab (धाराप्रवाह बोलने किस शक्ति )…. Talent for speaking.
Go to dogs – व्यर्थ होना
Go to rack and ruin –विनाश होना
Good Samaritan…दयालु व्यक्ति
Grass widow….एसी बिवाहिता जिसका पति उससे दूर हो
Green room..अभिनेता का भेष भूषा
Halcyon days(खुशगवार दिन ) ….. peaceful days
High handed (निरंकुश)…. Overbearing
Hit below the belt (गलत तरीके से प्रहार करना) …. To strike unfairly
Hit the jackpot (बड़ी कामयाबी मिलना )…. Gaining a big

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